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Courtney Noelle x Macys!

I Showcased In Macys!

In April, I had the privilege to participate in the Workshop at Macy’s program! Courtney Noelle was chosen out of over 600 applicants. We were thrilled!

We got to showcase our line on the floor of their Flagship store in NYC!

(the Macy’s in the movie "Miracle on 34th street").

Seeing Courtney Noelle on the Macy’s sales floor was truly a dream come true.

When I began Courtney Noelle, Macy’s was one of the first retailers I wanted to work with because... duh it's Macy’s! And because my mom and I used to shop there all the time!

During the showcase, I had a blast introducing Courtney Noelle, to new customers & had an even better time meeting returning customers in person!

Fingers crossed, Macy’s loves us enough & will add Courtney Noelle to their roster of allstars!

They’re customers love us already! Our Kat Duster and Siren Jumper were clear favorites!

It was great to hear from people who’d never seen or heard of Courtney Noelle say

I love this!...   

...Where can I buy this?...  

Finally, something nice for big girls!?

I can’t wait to share with you the new vision I have for Courtney Noelle.

New collections are coming & I know you’ll love it!

You can shop the looks shown at Macy's here!


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